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Re: qemu/kvm spice console problem

On 2017-12-28 04:01 PM, Celejar wrote:
On Wed, 27 Dec 2017 23:14:31 -0500
Gary Dale <garydale@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

When I try to start a virtual machine, I get the error:

Error connecting to graphical console:
Error opening Spice console, SpiceClientGtk missing

on whichever VM I try to start.

The Virtual Machine Manager shows the VM is running but I can't connect.
The system running the VMs is Debian/Stretch while my workstation is
Debian/Buster. This worked until fairly recently (I don't start up the
VMs too often, but I'm sure I did sometime in the last month). So far as
I can tell, spice is running on both the host and client machines.

Any ideas on what's changed to cause this problem?
No, but I do remember that when I installed virt* packages, it took a
fair bit of sleuthing / trial and error to figure out which spice
packages needed to be installed to get the graphical console to work.
Here's what I currently have:

$ apt list --installed '*spice*'
Listing... Done
gir1.2-spice-client-glib-2.0/stable,now 0.33-3.3 amd64 [installed,automatic]
gir1.2-spice-client-gtk-3.0/stable,now 0.33-3.3 amd64 [installed,automatic]
libspice-client-glib-2.0-8/stable,now 0.33-3.3 amd64 [installed,automatic]
libspice-client-gtk-3.0-5/stable,now 0.33-3.3 amd64 [installed,automatic]
libspice-server1/stable,stable,now 0.12.8-2.1+deb9u1 amd64 [installed,automatic]
spice-client-glib-usb-acl-helper/stable,now 0.33-3.3 amd64 [installed,automatic]


apt list --installed '*spice*'
Listing... Done
gir1.2-spiceclientglib-2.0/testing,now 0.34-1.1 amd64 [installed,automatic]
libspice-client-glib-2.0-8/testing,now 0.34-1.1 amd64 [installed,automatic]
libspice-client-gtk-3.0-5/testing,now 0.34-1.1 amd64 [installed,automatic]
libspice-server1/testing,now 0.14.0-1 amd64 [installed,automatic]
spice-client-glib-usb-acl-helper/testing,now 0.34-1.1 amd64 [installed,automatic]
spice-client-gtk/testing,now 0.34-1.1 amd64 [installed]

The missing package seems to be gir1.2-spice-client-gtk-3.0. Thanks!