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Re: Experiences with BTRFS -- is it mature enough for enterprise use?


On Thu, Dec 28, 2017 at 07:35:27PM +0000, Glenn English wrote:
> Is there something wrong with ext4 in a RAID1?

Not if you don't need any of the features of ZFS that ext4 lacks,
no. But if you do, then ext4 is not an option.

The killer feature of ZFS is its checksumming of all data and
metadata to protect against bitrot and other forms of data
corruption. The only other filesystem offering this on Linux is
btrfs, hence the many mentions of ZFS in this thread. Putting the
filesystem under MD RAID (or hardware RAID) and scrubbing it will
detect corruption but cannot fix it.

But like everything else, ZFS has its downsides too, so it is a
matter of requirements.


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