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Re: Setting a console resolution

On 2017-12-28 16:53 +0000, Brian wrote:

> On Thu 28 Dec 2017 at 17:12:47 +0100, henrik i wrote:
>> A small update. I did some more testing on the system with Intel 3600
>> graphics, and at least one working solution was to blacklist the module:
>> In /etc/modprobe.d/whatever.conf
>> blacklist gma500_gfx
>> This enabled me to use the following lines in /etc/default/grub
>> GRUB_GFXMODE=1024x768@60
>> Then run update-grub as always. For some reason, this works for resolution
>> change for both grub and the console. I guess this is because vesafb is now
>> in use. I wish it was possible to change the resolution with the 'native'
>> modules, but have not found the right documentation on the video= syntax
>> (if it works at all). As mentioned, it did not work with setting it in grub.
> I have a machine with an nvidia card. 'video=800x600' added to the linux
> line at boot time works satisfactorily. Can also be done via grub in
> /etc/default.

It is true that "video=800x600" works, but "video=800x600x32" (what the
OP had tried) does not.  The color depth, if any, has to be preceded by
a '-' sign, i.e. "video=800x600-32", see Documentation/fb/modedb.txt[1].

Rather than changing the display resolution, I would use a bigger font.
The console-setup-linux package ships various fonts with up to 32x16
pixels in the /usr/share/consolefonts directory which can be tried out
with setfont(1) and set in /etc/default/console-setup.


1. https://git.kernel.org/pub/scm/linux/kernel/git/torvalds/linux.git/tree/Documentation/fb/modedb.txt