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Re: qemu/kvm spice console problem

On 12/28/2017 5:14 AM, Gary Dale wrote:
When I try to start a virtual machine, I get the error:

Error connecting to graphical console:
Error opening Spice console, SpiceClientGtk missing

on whichever VM I try to start.

The Virtual Machine Manager shows the VM is running but I can't connect. The system running the VMs is Debian/Stretch while my workstation is Debian/Buster. This worked until fairly recently (I don't start up the VMs too often, but I'm sure I did sometime in the last month). So far as I can tell, spice is running on both the host and client machines.

Any ideas on what's changed to cause this problem?

Do you have the "missing" package installed?
The error seems to be common when searching online.


John Doe