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Re: Experiences with BTRFS -- is it mature enough for enterprise use?

On Wed, Dec 27, 2017, at 1:46 PM, Tom Dial wrote:
> On 12/27/2017 04:57 AM, Matthew Crews wrote:
> > I wouldn't trust BTRFS in an enterprise environment, but I have good experience in a personal environment. Make sure you are using modern kernels though (I wouldn't use anything earlier than 4.4, and realistically I would use 4.9 or 4.13 or higher), and I definitely would not use RAID5/6.
> > 
> > For an enterprise environment, ZFS wins, hands down.
> Based on prior experience with ZFS under Solaris and FreeBSD, I've been
> considering the possibility of using it with Debian now that it is
> pretty much a first class file system.
> Reports of actual use, pointers, and gotchas, if any, would be useful to
> me and probably others.
> Thanks,
> Tom Dial

Since it doesn't look like I'll be using BTRFS for my application, I too would appreciate hearing about experiences with ZFS as an alternative.  Unfortunately, the application we're using is only available for CentOS-6, so we'll have to pressure the developer to release his CentOS-7 code, but we've got a year to do it, so it's probably do-able.

Thanks in advance!