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Re: Experiences with BTRFS -- is it mature enough for enterprise use?

On 12/27/2017 04:57 AM, Matthew Crews wrote:
> I wouldn't trust BTRFS in an enterprise environment, but I have good experience in a personal environment. Make sure you are using modern kernels though (I wouldn't use anything earlier than 4.4, and realistically I would use 4.9 or 4.13 or higher), and I definitely would not use RAID5/6.
> For an enterprise environment, ZFS wins, hands down.

Based on prior experience with ZFS under Solaris and FreeBSD, I've been
considering the possibility of using it with Debian now that it is
pretty much a first class file system.

Reports of actual use, pointers, and gotchas, if any, would be useful to
me and probably others.

Tom Dial