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Re: Is there any software where I can find free software suggestions classified by category and by user rating in Debian?

On Wednesday 27 December 2017 10:47:14 Matthew Crews wrote:

> >Here is an example of what I miss. Lets say I want a video editor but
> > I don't know any. I would like to have some software where I can
> > find free software suggestions classified by category and by user
> > rating. I know there is Synaptic but I miss user rating and it shows
> > too many packages even after a category is selected. Is there such a
> > program in Debian? Thanks
> I'm not aware of an app per se, but have you checked the Wiki?
> https://wiki.debian.org/Software
> -Matt

For video editing, and because I have a Sony metal hi-8 handicam thats 
about 4x the resolution of most of the old vhs wannabe's, which it can 
control over the older firewire 400 interface, I am in love with kino. 
The handicam lets you pull video from the camera, like the 25 minutes 
work of a wedding, (way more than a gigabyte) slice out my camera 
shakes, and put it back out, either to the handicam, a vcd, or even with 
k3b's help a stack of dvd's to pass out to the families who starred in 
the production.

There are no doubt even higher resolution cameras today, and this does 
require a firewire interface not found on computers now for a decade 
plus. But I've no clue if kino has kept up with the march to ever higher 
resolution cameras you can get today, or if its grown a usb3 interface 
most of those newer ones will need. Apple and firewire turned out too be 
a repeat of the compuserve and the gif patent, they let it get started 
as the next generation interface, then demanded a per seat price from 
the makers that was quite excessive, so firewire, like gif's  in turn 
disappeared. usb2 is not fast enough to do this sort of i/o.

There are other video editors, but none that I know of also integrate the 
cameras controller like kino does. Blender for instance is more a 3d 
graphics editor, for making animated movies than it is a video editor, 

This is an application area that is not well served by linux offerings 

Cheers, Gene Heskett
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