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Re: Mixing and Matching DHCP and static IPs

Mark Fletcher wrote:

> split -- there are essentially two splits because there are two
> firewalls -- one of which I want and one I can't turn off. The firewall
> I set up sits at the outermost edge of the network (obviously) and has 2
> interfaces. The other is at the AirStation, which regards its WAN port
> as the outside but that is actually connected to the inside of the real
> firewall.

Looks like Airstation is WLAN router - I would put it infront of the
firewall and DMZ to the firewall

something like this

[intranet] <---> eth1 [firewall] eth0 <----> [extranet]
                                  ^--(DMZ)-> [AirStation/WLAN]

or you can turn off the firewall there completely 

AT home I have a router with WLAN from the Telco and my setup looks like

[intranet] <---> [firewall] <-- (DMZ) --> [Router + WLAN] <---> WAN
                                                  ^-----------> WLAN

The DNS problem looks like you have to (again) work on the AirStation.

If you can not manage the AirStation - throw that crap away.