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Re: Out of root partition space

Pascal Hambourg composed on 2017-12-26 10:20 (UTC+0100):

> Sarah Johnson composed:

>> so is it safe to resize debian root and other partitions using windows machine partitioning tool ?
> Before considering resizing partitions, the first step is to identify 
> what files and directories take space on the root partition and could be 
> removed.                               


> Informations to gather :
> - partition layout
> fdisk -l
> - check free/used disk space
> df -hT
> - explore disk usage on the root filesystem
> du -hcxd1 /                     

In addition, https://wiki.debian.org/FreeSpace is worth perusing before resizing
anything, particularly its package management cache references. If the
installation is more than a year old, package caching could account for half the
/ space consumed. Cleaning it could make further investigation, and to be sure
resizing, completely pointless.
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