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Re: Out of root partition space

Le 26/12/2017 à 02:44, Sarah Johnson a écrit :
I ran out of root partition disk space and can't install or remove any more packages or even login gui window manager anymore

i spent few good hours researching for solutions and found that i can resize root and home partitions using resize2fs and lvresize tools but they are not even installed on my system

resize2fs serves to resize an ext2/3/4 filesystem. It is part of the e2fsprogs package which is essential, so it must be installed. Anyway you can extend a filesystem only after extending its container (partition, logical volume or whatever).

lvresize serves to resize an LVM logical volume. It is part of the lvm2 package which is automatically installed and required when you use LVM logical volumes during the system installation. If it is not installed, it means that the system does not have LVM logical volumes, so lvresize is useless.

so is it safe to resize debian root and other partitions using windows machine partitioning tool ?

No. Windows does not understand Linux filesystems.

Before considering resizing partitions, the first step is to identify what files and directories take space on the root partition and could be removed.

Informations to gather :
- partition layout
fdisk -l
- check free/used disk space
df -hT
- explore disk usage on the root filesystem
du -hcxd1 /