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Re: Mixing and Matching DHCP and static IPs

> Henning Follmann wrote:
> > 1) You talk too much.

And you are rude. Solution: learn some manners. If you don't have the 
attention span to read more than a few lines of prose, I'm not 
interested in your attempts to make that my problem. As others have 
demonstrated, plenty people do.

> > 
> > 2) Your network setup is overly complicated.
> > Solution: simplify! Also very important: complexity is the enemy of
> > security. Your set up should be straight forward that any issue becomes
> > apparent without any effort.
> > 

Nah -- it works fine, and has done for ages, except for this one problem 
which introducing the machine that will be the DNS cache has revealed.

> > Forget about your caching dns server ( at least for now) It is just
> > another layer of complexity in your preexisting mess.

There's no point in forgetting the DNS caching, it's the only reason I'm 
doing any of this, otherwise I already have a perfectly functioning 
network protected by a simple layer of security and there would be 
nothing to do. And where would the fun in that be? :)