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Re: Embarrassing security bug in systemd

On 12/6/17, 2:53 PM, Michael Lange wrote:
uh, I guess you ought to have used your time to check your machine and
read some docs instead of figuring out how to best insult the debian
developers ;)

Now, now, you walk up to the physical console on an AS/400, you're not going to be able to do a PWRDWNSYS from a sign-on screen, nor can do it if signed on as a user who doesn't have sufficient authority to do a PWRDWNSYS. And you might be physically locked out of the front panel. It's even possible that you might be physically interdicted from unplugging the box, or shutting it down from the circuit breaker panel.

Not every OS assumes by default that anybody with physical access to the hardware also has the authority to shut it down.


(And likewise, accounts, including QSECOFR [the closest OS/400 equivalent to root] can be restricted to certain physical terminals.)