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Re: BIOS Can Not Find Disk

Pascal Hambourg composed on 2017-12-06 23:16 (UTC+0100):

> Felix Miata composed:

>> Nothing in that post makes it unambiguous that an MBR (MSDOS) partitioned disk
>> was not the subject of discussion.

> In the context of a GPT partitioned disk,                               

 That context was missing from post you're complaining about.

> anyone else understands
> without any doubt that /dev/sda1 refers to the partition #1 defined in 
> the GPT partition table, not in the protective MBR.

>>> sda1 cannot be a type ee partition. Type ee can exist only in the MBR,
>>> and real partitions sda1, sda2... exist in the GPT table.

>>   The post Dan's quote came from, standing alone, as a whole, was confusion.
>> Absent clear indication of GPT context,

> Please read again the initial post. It contains absolutely clear 
> indication that the disk has a GPT label.                             

 When the (long) entire thread is read, it eventually becomes apparent that the
OP switched back and forth between GPT and MBR.

The initial thread post was not relevant to the purpose of my post, which was
intended to clarify meaning of the thread post I replied to standing alone.
Critical in my post is it was addressing exclusively the content of the replied
to post. I wasn't writing exclusively for the benefit the OP or thread readers.
On the contrary, I was writing primarily to the mailing list archive, for those
finding it via web search and trying to understand it entirely based on what it
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