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Re: EDA software.

* Joe <joe@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx> [2017-12-06 18:31 +0000]:

> I'm not sure what kind of connection with LibreCAD there could be: DXF
> is a much more complex file structure, and I think the most that could
> be done would be to transfer PCB outlines and mounting points. There is
> some provision for component height in PCB, but no easy way to
> manipulate values, and I don't believe LibreCAD can do anything in the
> way of 3D anyway.

kicad seems to be able to im/export dxf format. There are also
existing powerful 3-D libraries [0]. With those implemented you'll
be able to design 3-D pcb's and export them as STEP-214 to pull them
in to a 3-D capable CAD system which is useful to design housings,
complete devices etc. ...

[0] http://smisioto.no-ip.org/elettronica/kicad/kicad-en.htm
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