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Re: EDA software.

peter@xxxxxxxxxxx wrote:

> At https://wiki.debian.org/DebianTinker/Desktop#EDA is a list of
> packages for electronics design automation.  According to various
> documents, Electric, Fritzing and gEDA, at least, can help to create
> schematics.  I use librecad but have never used schematic construction
> software.  Which of the EDA packages will be a good starting point?
> Is any integrated with Librecad?

I am not an expert, just for hobby used few times the packages. And I don't
know if it is integrated in librecad. chances are good because they use
well known formats, but no idea.
on the other hand it depends on what you want to do. For example I used geda
(gschem) to create a model and ngspice as simulator to test it and then
export the schematics and design the layout in pcb (gsch2pcb). 

For few small projects it worked very good.

I hope it helps