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Re: [OT] Relavant mailing list or USENET group

On 12/06/2017 05:36 AM, Richard Hector wrote:
On 06/12/17 23:46, Dan Purgert wrote:
Eric S Fraga wrote:
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On Tuesday,  5 Dec 2017 at 14:53, Richard Owlett wrote:


I've seen the term "RSS", but never had any contact with it. Not sure
if SeaMonkey 2.48 can use it.

No idea.  Never used SeaMonkey...

2 seconds of googling indicate you'd likely need a plugin.  But if "use
a plugin" is good enough, then "yes Seamonkey supports RSS feeds"


"*Feed detection* notifies you when web pages offer RSS or Atom feeds,
and feed preview lets you view their contents and choose a reader with
which to subscribe to those—including an internal reader in the Mail &
Newsgroups component of SeaMonkey."

"*Blogs & News Feeds* is a reader for RSS and Atom feeds right in your
messaging center that eases your reading of information from all across
the web."


I had first used F1 <help> entering RSS in "Search box".
All it had was links to a couple of definitions ;{
HOWEVER, using "feed" as search term yielded a copious plethora of info.
Looks like I have a reading assignment.