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Re: Nvidia driver installing newer releases from SVN

Op Tue, 05 Dec 2017 21:03:46 +0100 schreef Benny Simonsen <benny-debian@xxxxxxx>:


System: Fresh Debian 9
I have a Nvidia GT 1030, that needs 384 (or newer), and I have followed the guide listed here:
Last step: svn-buildpackage --svn-ignore -us -uc -rfakeroot

But whats next, have tried cd to buid-area folder, containg the deb files, and "dpkg -i *.deb", but leaves unconfigured packages and other issues.

Not all packages are needed and can't be installed at the same time (glvnd and non-glvnd). Start with the nvidia-driver meta package and resolve the dependencies. Or make a local repo and let apt resolve the dependencies.