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Re: BIOS Can Not Find Disk

Pascal Hambourg composed on 2017-12-05 00:41 (UTC+0100):

> You're the only one bringing additional confusion.
> Nobody but you talked about doing such a stupid thing as removing a type 
> ee partition. Dan and I only talked about removing the BIOS boot 
> partition sda1.

 In https://lists.debian.org/debian-user/2017/12/msg00089.html

Following is the entirety of what Dan wrote:

 "Then, to proceed, remove /dev/sda1 partition followed by grub-install?"

Nothing in that post makes it unambiguous that an MBR (MSDOS) partitioned disk
was not the subject of discussion.

> sda1 cannot be a type ee partition. Type ee can exist only in the MBR, 
> and real partitions sda1, sda2... exist in the GPT table. 

 The post Dan's quote came from, standing alone, as a whole, was confusion.
Absent clear indication of GPT context, the term "BIOS boot partition" is
ambiguous. It could easily enough be construed as the 16 bytes at LBA 0 address
01BEh, which in BIOS/MSDOS partitioning context is sda1.

Regardless, no partition needed to be removed, regardless of type, whether legal
or not, and better safe than sorry, which was why I wrote what I wrote.

[I wrote]
>> With its removal, sda2 might, depending on the details of
>> how it was done (how many different partitioning tools have already been
>> employed on OP's MBR sector?), become sda1, sda3 become sda2, etc., in addition
>> to voiding its protection and possibly invalidating the table.

> IME removing a primary partition in MSDOS or any partition in GPT with 
> common partitioning tools does not renumber the remaining partitions.

 I can't speak to how common it may or may not be, but I've used at least one
partitioning tool that expressly features an ability to rearrange partition
entries in an MBR table in either logical or arbitrary order. That definitely
can produce renaming/renumbering as a result, hence what I wrote: "depending on
the details..."
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