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Re: Debian boot and LUKS

This is somewhat OT, but I just thought I'd mention:

I keep my computer up (almost) all the time, but, for security, I mount (and 
then umount) my encrypted disk partitions only when needed.

(To make it easier for myself, I wrote a few  (primitive) (bash) scripts to 
help.  Of course, the passwords are not in the  scripts, but the script / LUKs 
prompts me for the passwords when required.)

On Monday, December 04, 2017 11:19:07 AM G wrote:
> Hello!
> I recently installed debian on my laptop and I encrypted my hard drive
> with a password.
> I noticed that in some distros like Mint, Fedora etc when you boot you
> have a graphical interface where you put your LUKS password and then you
> jump to the Desktop without showing the various processes that start.
> On the other hand on debian i put my password and i see the various
> processes starting up until i reach my desktop.
> I would like to know which packages i should install or configure in
> order to have a similar result. (Show a more pleasant interface when i
> enter the LUKS password and hide the processes while starting)
> Thanks in advance for your help!