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Upgraded to stretch but apache2 still uses php5

I thought I'd try a better webmail than squirrelmail, so I tried to install roundcube. After many hours I gave up (missing php pdo modules), purged it all, and then tried a non-debian package: rainloop. I spent may hours with it, trying to solve missing php curl modules.

What had me going in circles in both cases was that php was telling me that the missing modules were in fact there.

I finally realized that the php cli is v7.0, whereas apache2 runs runs with php5. There are all sorts of apache2 config files for php7 but apache2 is still using php5. php7 has the pdo and curl modules, but I think the php5 modules were uninstalled during the upgrade to stretch.

I don't know if it is intentional that the apache2 environment didn't change to the newer php7? If it should be using php7, how do I go about forcing the change, and is there any downside to doing this?