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Re: [OT] Relavant mailing list or USENET group

> It has an antenna.  A sharp knife or some conductive tape or adhesive
> and Bob's your uncle.

Hmm... I thought the antenna on those devices nowadays are physically
just traces printed on a PCB.  They're not necessarily very easy to find
AFAIK (hell, just opening the device such that you can close it again is
becoming quite difficult) and conductive tape probably wouldn't help
since the traces are coated, but if you manage to open the device, then
find the relevant traces and know how to use a knife to cut some part of
it... maybe it'll work (tho since it's very high-frequency signals,
cutting a trace might be like adding an inline capacitance which might
not really stop the signal :-( ).  I think I'd need the help of an
engineer designing such antennas before I'd be convinced that I've
managed to do what I intended.