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Re: Need Help restoring a filesystem on an external drive WD 'My Book'

On Sun 03 Dec 2017 at 20:10:31 (+0100), Bernard wrote:

> All of this raises a number of questions concerning safe storage of
> data. What is available is far from reliable. Another problem is
> that of usb ports : on two of my three computers, usb ports have
> become faulty after 2-3 years ; on my old desktop dating back to
> 2007, on 5 usb ports, 3 are faulty ; when this started, I just had
> to sligntly move the plug into its slot, but this has ended in the
> fact that now each trial to plug anything in these slots causes an
> instant shutdown of the machine.

For desktops, you can buy USB ports. I have a couple of 3-port ones
myself, bought to save the hassle of plugging things into the mobo's
ones at the back of the cabinet. They fit where a 3½ floppy would go
but there are adapters to fit a 5¼ window as well. Each has two more
ports on the card itself.