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Re: BIOS Can Not Find Disk

On 12/03/2017 02:04 PM, Felix Miata wrote:
Dan Norton composed on 2017-12-04 08:00 (UTC-0500):

Felix Miata wrote:
Dan Norton composed on 2017-12-03 16:44 (UTC-0500):
Note the above is currently from the future. Apparently the PC you are emailing
from is advanced one day.
Must be a result of my Setup menu activities. Debian says it is 07:48 AM
(5 hours late) but I put in the local time from my cell phone in Setup
this morning. Maybe I need to set the HW to UTC?
  That's the preferred time for *nix installations. Check what's in /etc/adjtime
to confirm. HW clock needs to match it. Now you're showing 5 hours late.

I've been wondering what you do with all those
systems, too. It would be much more productive if we worked together.
I'm pretty much self-taught.
  Mostly I try to replicate reported problems and assist in finding solutions,
identifying bugs, and doing bug QA. It's getting harder because my supply of
free PCs to use for the purpose dried up before UEFI started to show up.

Do you ever come to Atlanta? I'm North of it, in Roswell.
  I've never stopped there except to fuel passing through between here and
Wisconsin or Nashville. Last such trip was probably around 25 years ago.

Before you give up, it might be worth more investigation of GPT boot foibles
outside the Debian zone. Archlinux docs are consistently among the best
regardless of distro in use. You might yet have a solution using a simple
procedure applied to what you have already done, if only it can be identified.

After reading this again, did this:

# gdisk /dev/sda
Command (? for help): x

Expert command (? for help): p
Number  Start (sector)    End (sector)  Size       Code Name
   1            2048          411647   200.0 MiB   EF00
   2          411648        16783359   7.8 GiB     8200
   3        16783360       151001087   64.0 GiB    8E00
   4       151001088       285218815   64.0 GiB    8E00
   5       285218816       419436543   64.0 GiB    8E00
   6       419436544       553654271   64.0 GiB    8E00
   7       553654272      1953525134   667.5 GiB   8300


Expert command (? for help): a
Partition number (1-7): 3
Attribute value is 0000000000000000. Set fields are:
  No fields set

Toggle which attribute field (0-63, 64 or <Enter> to exit): 2
Have enabled the 'legacy BIOS bootable' attribute.
Attribute value is 0000000000000004. Set fields are:
2 (legacy BIOS bootable)

Toggle which attribute field (0-63, 64 or <Enter> to exit): w

I know this needs to be followed by more steps... the reference refers to Syslinux but we're using GRUB. It says:

2. Next, mount the partition somewhere, say in /mnt/data
3. Use [GRUB2] to install the boot loader, pretending that it is a regular partition:
4. Copy [ ? ] which is capable of booting GPT partition to the disk's MBR.

What is needed to fill the two [...]?

The mbr's first 446 bytes are non-empty, but possibly incompatible with bios.