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Re: BIOS Can Not Find Disk

Pascal Hambourg composed on 2017-12-03 10:49 (UTC+0100):

> Felix Miata composed:
> So I guess that the OP means that the core image of GRUB is in sda1, and 
> the boot image of GRUB is in the MBR of sda.

 Based on OP's response to




I'm pretty sure that was not OP's intent, i.e., none of Grub at all in MBR.
>> The option the OP chose is to intervene ab initio. When Grub is installed to an
>> MBR primary partition, and the MBR contains legacy boot code, and a boot flag is
>> appropriately set, and the same policy is maintained, a subsequent installation
>> makes no attempt to usurp control from the first.

> That does not match my experience. A subsequent installation does not 
> care about what kind of boot code is in the MBR nor whether a boot flag 
> is set....

 Grub does not care about boot flags, but when depending on legacy (neutral[1])
MBR code to locate the partition from which to boot, as was the apparent plan by
the OP, it's crucial.

The installers of most Linux distros default to installing Grub to the MBR. Some
make it difficult to determine whether any other option even exists. It's been
several months since I last installed Stretch. I don't remember how it presents
bootloader installation location, or more importantly, if when partition is
selected on a device with no installed operating systems, a separate action is
required to ensure the MBR contains any boot code at all.

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