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Re: BIOS Can Not Find Disk

Le 02/12/2017 à 05:07, Dan Norton a écrit :
On 12/01/2017 08:54 PM, David Christensen wrote:

> # fdisk -t dos /dev/sda

Your original post indicated a GPT partition table.  Forcing an MS-DOS MBR partition type means the tool will be looking at fake information that your GPT formatting tool laid down on disk ("protective MBR", or some such; I avoid these complexities.)

This command does not force an MSDOS MBR partition type. It just forces fdisk to use the MSDOS partition table in the protective MBR. It does not touch the GPT header and table. This trick has worked for me on a number of machines with non-compliant BIOSes.

A new empty GPT partition table was created by fdisk prior to install. Selection "g" under "Create a new label".
A friend told me he observed that a GPT disk label created by fdisk has a wrong value in its header (I do not remember which one) which may cause some firmwares to consider the GPT disk label as invalid. However a BIOS should not care about the partition table whatever format it has (unfortunately some wrongly do, and we have to deal with it). Note that the Debian installer uses libparted to create new disk labels.