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<SOLVED> Re: A user with two faces?

On 12/03/2017 03:14 PM, A_Man_Without_Clue wrote:
> Hi all,
> I am encountering mysterious phenomenon with Buster/LXDE.
> Seems like my user account has two identities.
> One day I log into my account, do some work, for instance I copy files
> to one directory or I install an application software then logout,
> shutdown or reboot.
> I will login again with same account then I would find the files I had
> copied are not there, or an application software I had installed wasn't
> there...at all.
> I logout, reboot or shutdown.
> I login again then I would find those files are in fact in a directory
> where I had copied. The software is installed.
> As if there are two users with same account.
> What is really going on with this?
> I really have no clue.....

Ok, I now know why but I do not know what caused it and how to recover.

I have software RAID1 (mirror two disks) configured and somehow it has
created different contents in /home directory for a user. I confirmed
this by booting with one disk at the time and sure enough, they have
different contents.

cat /proc/mdstat

showed one disk had been removed, I don't know when that happened.
Anyway, I re-added the disk and now it's synchronizing.

Hope this will solve the mystery.