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[OT] Relavant mailing list or USENET group

This is part of my search for a LINUX PDA. [1] [2]

Those threads and Raspberry Pi links have been educational and have firmed up my goals {e.g. There is no longer a strong preference for an x86 processor}. A Raspberry Pi has attractive features for some future unrelated projects {physical form factor makes it unsuitable for now}.

In previous posts I've wrote of _current_ application. That was a mistake as it encouraged some to ignore my specifications and suggest "one-off" solutions. {I've been looking for a similar device for approximately a decade ;}

It must:
1. be currently available from U.S. retail vendor.
2. have a physical form factor similar to a "smartphone".
   [Latest releases tend to be uncomfortably large.
    Maximum viable size 8" x 5".]
3. run Linux (prefer Debian) without restriction for replacing
   delivered OS.
4. have touchscreen display.
5. be able to read/write a USB flash drive.
6. *NOT* be a "smartphone".

Any suggestions for a suitable mailing list or USENET group.

[1] Handhelds that conveniently run Debian

[2] Wanted - a Debian handheld