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Re: BIOS Can Not Find Disk

Dan Norton composed on 2017-12-01 16:23 (UTC-0500):

> The PC is simply not seeing the 1T sda, which is the only disk. It's not 
> even getting as far as the mbr/grub. The PC appears to be no more than 5 
> years old, based on the BIOS date, but it may be old enough to have a 
> flaky UEFI. Should I abandon the use of GPT?
	I might not quite yet (I wouldn't have used it in the first place on a disk
<2TB with a machine that supports booting from DOS disks).

If I had been trying to use GPT, I'd have been using one of the partitioners
originally designed for GPT, not fdisk, which though it announces GPT support,
is less likely to have sophisticated or extensive testing and usage with picky
BIOS as the more customarily recommended others. It may be worth trying to make
the disk bootable using gdisk, cgdisk, parted or gparted before giving up on
GPT. And, I'd make sure the MBR sector contains code in its first 440 bytes
compatible with your "BIOS" that can find and load the code in the bootable

Something else that could help is a web search for anyone who has successfully
used GPT with any Linux distro on the same or PC motherboard model as yours.
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