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Re: Upgrading from very-old Debian

Jonathan Dowland wrote:

> Non-the-less, it's not something that many people will have attempted,
> and there are quite likely to be things that might slip through the net.
> Not just things within the Debian ecosystem: a machine running Lenny was
> presumably installed in or around 2009, so there's nearly 9 years worth
> of local sysadmin changes that might have been made.
>> I had few problems from wheezy to lenny,
> That would be downgrading by two releases. That's bound to be
> troublesome.
>>but almost no problem from lenny to stretch.
> That's the path that OP's friend would be attempting (as lenny is
> currently oldoldoldoldstable). I'm glad it worked for you, but I would
> still not recommend it to anyone else.

Aah sorry, I moved from lenny to squeeze then I moved partially to wheezy
last year before squeeze got obsolated and this year I moved to stretch in
one day, doing wheezy -> jessie and jessie -> stretch.

So the problem was squeeze -> wheezy