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Why the release-critical bugs status page has erroneous colors in the plots?

Hey all,

The three curves in the release critical page [1] seems purple, deep bluish green and cyan to me, while the description says red, green and blue, and the description text above also uses red, green and blue (quoted below for convenience). 

So, my guess is that the purple, bluish green and cyan colors were selected to help certain (red-green) colorblind population. This is really great. However, I think we should be consistent in the text, text's color, and the graphs. The current set of colors doesn't look impressive as the blueish green and cyan look quite close. Maybe we can do better [2]? 

Total number of release-critical bugs: 2111
Number that have a patch: 257
Number that have a fix prepared and waiting to upload: 41
Number that are being ignored: 40
Number concerning the current stable release: 480
Number concerning the next release: 637

The red line graphs all bugs with release-critical severities; the green line graphs the number of bugs that are actually a concern for the next release (excluding ignored bugs, bugs on packages not in testing, and bugs whose tags and/or versioning information indicate that they don't apply to testing), and the blue line graphs the number of bugs that are a concern for the current stable release.

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