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Re: software to do drawings of houses, gardens, etc.

Erik Christiansen wrote:

> Interesting ... I had not heard of it
> previously. Looking at it on wikipedia, I see
> "Most operations in Xfig are performed using
> the mouse," For the first, I've had no luck
> mouse-wrangling GUI drawing packages - it's
> all so counter-intuitive, and nothing works
> for me. For the second, after my 8 drawings
> I cannot imagine how I'd mouse-wrangle
> something as simple as a wall cross-section
> with complete positional and dimensional
> precision. In postscript, it's just:
> /wall_height 2700 def % X Y X Y 3600 0 moveto
> 100 wall_height box % Let's put it at 3600 mm
> from origin, % at floor level.

This is, again, exactly what I want. Is there
a collection somewhere of the postscript syntax
or how did you pick it up?

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