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Re: Play On Linux, Wine, & iTunes

On Sun, Nov 26, 2017 at 03:05:51PM +0100, Jeroen Mathon wrote:
> Unfortunately iTunes just doesn't work with Linux, even if it did all IOS
> devices will reject any interaction with Linux devices.
> Thry hardcoded this in after multiple IOS devicrs had been infected via
> rogue chargers running Linux.
> I hope this helps.

I'm not sure what you meant above (typos further obfuscated your 
meaning) but I can confirm iOS devices do NOT completely refuse to 
interact with Linux -- I can plug my iPhone 4S and iPhone 6S into my 
Stretch box and get some limited interoperability, including pulling 
down photos etc. I have never tried to run iTunes. In the past I 
successfully pulled a song off my phone that I put there ripping from a 
CD using iTunes, but I can't recall if I did that on Windows outside 
iTunes or from Linux. I suspect the latter, but am not sure.

Anyway, not the case that you can't interact with it at all (but I'm not 
surprised iTunes is difficult to get working).