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why is my debian automatically doing apt updates?

Hi all,
i have debian testing/unstable on my laptop. It's been 9 years without any problems whatsoever (thank you debian devs!).

Since a couple of weeks i've been having at every boot some job that automatically does apt update, but i've been unable to track it down. Of course, being the unstable distribution, i would like to avoid that.

In my syslog this is what appears:
PackageKit: refresh-cache transaction /8513_ccbddbed from uid 1000 finished with success after 41001ms
PackageKit: get-updates transaction /8514_bdddbcad from uid 1000 finished with success after 3737ms

uid 1000 is my user.

I don't have the unattended upgrades package installed, i disabled via systemct the apt-daily and apt-daily-upgrade services and timers, i disabled the desktop's updates via software-properties-kde (i'm running kde), but still the updates are running at every boot.

Any clues?