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Wild cursor, was Re: OT plain text missing from web mail

> Dan Norton composed on 2017-11-22 19:09 (UTC-0500):
> ...
> > 4. This laptop I'm borrowing is notorious for having a hyper-sensitive touch
> > pad. You can be typing along in the spot you have chosen for input and suddenly
> > it gets a wild hair and relocates the cursor to somewhere else. As a hunt and
> > peck typist, I've been victimized many times by this and had to undo and start
> > over. The new insertion point is unpredictable AFAICT.

Perhaps you need to investigate syndaemon. This disables the Synaptics
touchpad whenever a key is struck. The disabled period is configurable,
so if I type
$ syndaemon -i 1
into any old Xterm, the cursor will be dead for one second after any
key is struck. You can set it up in the background with   -d   and
put it in .xsession or equivalent.

The only downside is if you're adept at two-handed work with cursor
and keystrokes, but bear in mind that any attached mouse is unaffected.