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Re: software to do drawings of houses, gardens, etc.

Librecad seems good and I got it working
instantly on a Debian box.

Only how do I draw a box and then change the
properties to specific side lengths?

For example, if I want to picture a building
that is rectangular (from above) with one side
10m and the other 5m?

I managed to make an approximate rectangle with
the "rectangle" tool but how do I bring up
properties so that I can assign the
exact values?

I made a search on Gmane (news.gmane.org) for
"librecad" but apparently no mailing list is
registered there. Also, on aioe (nntp.aioe.org)
there seems to be no Usenet group dedicated to
librecad. Now this speaks volumes.
Aren't people using it?

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