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Re: software to do drawings of houses, gardens, etc.

Joe wrote:

> If you really need 3d, then you might try
> openSCAD, where you basically write
> subroutines and the graphic bit renders them,
> not terribly photorealistically. But there
> are lots of libraries for it, which may
> include some useful garden stuff. You can
> probably also find garden objects in 2d form
> in DXF files, which LibreCAD can deal with.

I'd like 2D, top down, big squares for the
buildings, with doors and windows, then fences,
trees etc. between them.

It doesn't have to look good in the
photorealistic sense - actually it is better it
just looks clean and to-the-point.

The purpose it to print it huge and put it on
a wall so people can learn what the different
houses are and can communicate efficiently with
things having names so it won't be "put it over
there... behind it... to your left... I mean
your *other* left" and so on...

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