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Re: software to do drawings of houses, gardens, etc.

On Tue, 21 Nov 2017 23:04:14 +0100
Emanuel Berg <moasen@xxxxxxxx> wrote:

> Kent West wrote:
> > I've recently discovered sweethome3d, and
> > have enjoyed designing a new house
> > for myself.  
> sweethome3d is in my repos but it says it is an
> "interior" design application and what I need
> is an "exterior" ditto :)
> No sign of DraftSight tho so how would one
> acquire and install that?
> Besides if it is heavy on your boxes I don't
> think it will even run here. Perhaps I should
> just do ASCII art in Emacs...

It looks to be a general-purpose CAD program, with no obvious
house/garden object library, so I wouldn't have thought it would be
much of an improvement over LibreCAD (formerly QCad).

I used to have a purpose-built house/garden design program, but this was
long ago, and was for Windows.

If you really need 3d, then you might try openSCAD, where you basically
write subroutines and the graphic bit renders them, not terribly
photorealistically. But there are lots of libraries for it, which may
include some useful garden stuff. You can probably also find garden
objects in 2d form in DXF files, which LibreCAD can deal with.