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Sluggish internet connection

Hi all,

Can someone teach me where should I be looking for internet connection

Up until recently I had no problem with internet connection but since
lat couple of days ago, I have been having this strange problem that
sometimes it stops connecting the internet. It's not persistent problem
rather it occurs randomly. Funny thing is that if I
refresh network connection just by clicking network manager the
connection revives for a couple of seconds but again it stops (meaning
the web stops loading). At the time I am writing this e-mail, no problem
with internet but a while ago, it wasn't connecting. It's not the
problem with my ISP or router as I am able to connect with other PC or

Does anybody give me ideas what should I be looking at?

I set static local IP address but changing to automatic DHCP doesn't
change situation.

Debian Testing (Buster)
Ethernet controller: Intel Corporation Ethernet Connection (2) I219-V
(rev 31)

Any help or tips will be appreciated.