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Re: need a video function in wheezy

On Friday, November 17, 2017 12:56:40 PM Gene Heskett wrote:
> That is beginning to sound like a worthwhile effort. But difficult when
> the names are all thats available in the README. Which I'll quote from
> here in case the publicity helps.
> "Many Thanks from  Jacob Bogenschutz (bogie6040)  to the following:
> Norbert Schechner (newbynobi)
> Fernand Veilleux (FernV)
> Slavko Kocjancic (eslavko)

Have you tried googling for their usernames?

I just googled for newbynobi, got several hits, some of which are links to 
wikis or forums.  In particular, I found a post by him at a link to 
https://forum.linuxcnc.org/gmoccapy (sorry, that seems to be a generic link 
rather than to a specific page).

My guess is that if you join that forum you could access his "profile" or 
whatever they might call it), and, further, I suspect their would be some 
means to address a message to him of some sort (like a PM (private message).  

If it doesn't work on that forum, try some others, and try the other user