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Finding the appropriate manpage [Re: Can't find the DNS Servers]

On Tue, 26 Sep 2017, Greg Wooledge wrote:
> For years, I have been searching back and forth and up and down in
> dhclient(8) and dhclient.conf(5) and finding NOTHING.

> Turns out the REASON I couldn't find anything was because some bright
> spark decided to split the documentation into multiple man pages.

> So, apparently the only way to find anything is to open umpteen
> terminal windows, one man page in each terminal window.

In almost every case, if you don't know the right man page, apropos (or
man -k) will help you find it. If that's not good enough, man -K
dhclient will eventually find all of them.

dhclient (8)         - Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol Client
dhclient-script (8)  - DHCP client network configuration script
dhclient.conf (5)    - DHCP client configuration file
dhclient.leases (5)  - DHCP client lease database

alternatively, you could run dpkg -L isc-dhcp-client|grep man; to see
all of the manpages that the dhcp client provides:


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