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Re: Splitting MP3 files (again)

didier gaumet wrote:

> from the mp3split manpage:
> [...]
> " mp3splt -s f.mp3 or mp3splt -s -p th=-50,nt=10 f.mp3
> This is silence option. Mp3splt will try to automatically detect
> splitpoints with silence detection and in the first case will split all
> tracks found with default parameters, while in the second 10 tracks (or
> less if too much) with the most probable silence points at a threshold
> of -50 dB. "
> [...]
> if there are no blanks but there are silences or at least less noisy
> moments in your audio file, you could try the -s or -s,-p and -th options?

Thank you but I have read the documentation of mp3splt carefully and nothing
of it applies to my case - the files I want to split are remixes - there is
no silence or even lower point. It does not apply. I want to schedule the
points myself by mouse click.

Thank you for the effort.

If nothing helps I'll have to write a simple gui to do the job. Thanks God
my skills apply of course if time is available.