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Re: Splitting MP3 files (again)

Le 25/09/2017 à 20:14, deloptes a écrit :

> I'll try the GUI, though I prefer not installing packages just for
> testing ... perhaps a VM will server.
> As for the mp3splt - as said before I use it, but I have to enter manually
> the time point to plit, which I expect to be possible to do in a gui, by
> simply doing a mouse click and selecting schedule split here or similar.
> I don't want to type each time point somewhere manually - I'll get old until
> I'm done :)
> thank and regards

from the mp3split manpage:
" mp3splt -s f.mp3 or mp3splt -s -p th=-50,nt=10 f.mp3

This is silence option. Mp3splt will try to automatically detect
splitpoints with silence detection and in the first case will split all
tracks found with default parameters, while in the second 10 tracks (or
less if too much) with the most probable silence points at a threshold
of -50 dB. "

if there are no blanks but there are silences or at least less noisy
moments in your audio file, you could try the -s or -s,-p and -th options?