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Re: Can't find the DNS Servers

Le 25/09/2017 à 14:56, Greg Wooledge a écrit :
On Sat, Sep 23, 2017 at 06:03:12PM -0700, Gary Roach wrote:

I have installed resolvconf


I mean, unless this is a laptop or a tablet or a phone or something.
Then it may be appropriate, because you might actually WANT your
resolv.conf file to be rewritten every time the wind changes direction.

resolvconf does not do this.
Besides, resolvconf is required for the dns-nameservers option in /etc/network/interfaces to have any effect with static configuration. Don't you think it is better to have all the IP parameters (IP address, mask, gateway, DNS) in a single config file ?

For desktop machines with a static internal network configuration, it's
an abomination.  And unfortunately it's not the only malevolent fiend
trying to usurp control of your resolv.conf file.  There's also dhclient,
and network-manager, and systemd-resolved, and who knows what else.

resolvconf is designed to prevent these pieces of software to write directly in resolv.conf, giving you better control. Without resolvconf, all of them wildy rewrite resolv.conf without taking the others into account.