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Re: Splitting MP3 files (again)

Zenaan Harkness wrote:

> +1 for Audacity.
> BTW, please post your solution when you solve it - especially command
> line apps and options.

In this specific case I will not have a script solution. I expect the
application to be able to do this.

I don't have Audacity installed and I wanted to be sure it can do the job
before installing it.

at the moment I use
        mp3splt -t 5.00 -f -a -d XXX yyy.mp3
followed by
        cd XXX

        for i in `ls -1`; do
                 mp3check -e \
                        --fix-headers  --fix-crc \
                        --cut-junk-start --cut-junk-end $i;

Last part is to fix the headers and some other things that prevent them
playing on my car audio system

But I want a gui to listen to the stream and set up the points to split
because as you see in my solution it splits at each 5th minute.

I'll look at Audacity next

Thank you