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Wifi works in Ubuntu and not in Debian


I'm with a strange problem. In my company, we have a enterprise wifi, with WPA/WPA2 enterprise and with TLS.

When I access the network-manager, in gnome or kde, I can set this parameters with a Company.crt, my_cert.pem and my_cert_key.pem, using my network login as Identity and a password for my certs.

The strange was that in Ubuntu 17.04, was fill the fields and connect. In Debian, using the sames files and parameters, returns some times asking again the password.

Taking a look in syslog, I found a error in wpa_suppliant:

Sep 14 15:51:58 nx01 wpa_supplicant[839]: OpenSSL: tls_connection_ca_cert - Failed to load root certificates error:00000000:lib(0):func(0):reason(0)

Trying to find some thing in Google, I couldn't found any thing that explain what to do or what happens. 

Some suggestion or tip?

Since now, I thank in advance.

Claudio Ferreira