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Re: getting mail from Exchange/Outlook

Could you please elaborate more about what exactly you trying to achieve?
You can setup Microsofck Exchange server to access it by IMAP transport
and use any compatible mail client for that, ex. Outlook or Thunderbird.
AFAIK, OWA is just a web-mail client to access Exchange via your browser.
There is also virtualized service (SaaS) of Exchange by Microsofck
(Office 360) where you pay money annually for per-user licenses, to get
functional Exchange server and access all your mail stored on Microsofck
servers via web-mail interface or IMAP-compatible mail client.

On 14.09.2017 00:32, Steve Kleene wrote:
> My employer is forcing me to shut down my long-time Linux mail server.  I
> have no choice in the matter.
> My employer uses Microsoft Exchange/Outlook for mail.  They have an Outlook
> Web App (OWA) that I can access from Firefox, but as far as I can tell you
> cannot save a file to the local disk with OWA.  That makes OWA pretty
> useless.  The documentation, if it can be believed, says that I can access
> Outlook with POP3 and IMAP4 programs including Thunderbird.
> If any of you have experience and/or advice with this problem, I'd be
> grateful to hear it.