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Re: About installation issue

From: deepesh554.dg@xxxxxxxxx
To: debian-user@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

I want to install kali linuc, but I am unable to start installing kali linux because my laptop is not starting to install kali linux, I did contact laptop company, they said to contact to you, so please help me to install kali linux

Tell us also which model laptop you have and what other system is installed on it.  This may be the case of an UEFI and secure boot ptoblem if it is a late model.
Everything Thomas Schmitt says is all true, but I will add some additional information.
You can install Debian, and then switch to kali repository and install the kali-keyring.  Then
you disable debian repositories and install kali-stuff.  The end product is the same kali.

Kali is built on debian testing, buster.  Unless you are an experienced programmer and
an expert on networking there is nothing there.  I only like the graphics :)
You can take a 5GB Debian installation and make it into a 25GB installation.  Are you sure
you need this?

If you install Debian, then this list will have to help you with the specific image you used
to make the installation.  Then I will tell you specifically what to do if you choose that route.
At least you can then disable kali, purge the extra kernel, and end up with a wonderful
buster installation and an easy way if you need some package from Kali to be able to install
it at any time.

Kali is more debian than any debian based distribution out there.  It is even more debian than tails is, a pseudo debian live system.