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Re: About installation issue


Deepesh Gupta wrote:
> you said, Kali logo will appear

In case of success.

> but in my case logo is not appear and normally windows starts

So your computer's firmware was either not ready to boot from the
medium which you submitted, or it did not recognize the starting points
for booting on that medium.


- Which KALI image exactly do you try to boot ?
  From where did you get it ?

- On what kind of medium do you offer the KALI image to your computer ?
  How did it get onto that medium >

- Is the firmware of your computer EFI or is it BIOS ?
  IF EFI: Can you put it into "Legacy" (aka "BIOS emulation") mode ?

- Does your firmware offer a list of devices to boot from ?
  Is your kind of medium (or drive if DVD) listed by your firmware ?

- Assumed you use an ISO image:
  Does a Debian netinst image boot, if presented on the same kind of
  medium as the KALI image ?
  If you use "32 bit" KALI:
  If you use "64 bit" KALI:

Have a nice day :)