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Re: About installation issue


Deepesh Gupta wrote:
> my laptop is not starting to install kali linux,

First of all, this is the mailing list for Debian, not so much for Kali,
which is based on Debian. You may be better off with the contact
opportunities at

Said this, the next question is how you offered to ypur computer the
initial data for installation. I see on
ISO images for x86 CPUs ("64 bit", "32 bit") and disk images for ARM CPUs.

If you took an ISO image, like kali-linux-2017.1-amd64.iso, and your
computer boots by EFI, then you have to put it onto a DVD or BD medium.
It will not work with EFI if put plainly onto an USB stick or hard disk.
(Reason is lack of a partition table which properly marks the EFI System

So if you have to use a Kali ISO on USB stick and your computer has EFI
as firmware, then try to bring the EFI into Legacy BIOS mode. For BIOS,
there is an isohybrid MBR in the ISO, which boots from USB stick.

If a screen appears with "KALI" logo and options like "Live (amd64)",
then the ISO has booted and further problems would be out of my scope.

Have a nice day :)