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Re: OT: Hurricane

On 09/09/2017 09:06 AM, David Niklas wrote:
There is only one thing worse than a *CAT 5* hurricane headed towards
Another one behind it.

And there is only one thing worse than 2 powerful hurricanes headed
towards Florida.
If you're still there.

All of the above is happening to me.
Those of the prayer inclined nature might try a little of it.

I'll be offline for awhile.

BTW: This is the first time since 2004 or 2005 that Florida's panhandle
has been hit, so no, it's not time to have a global warming "I told you
so party" on the mailing list.

While the storm is centered on the west side of Florida, my family in the west side is with my family on the east side and they are cozy, my thoughts are with you all and hope for not to much damage.
Jimmy Johnson

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